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Monday, November 28, 2011

I think I had my #CyberMond​ay last Wednesday :-o


I've been a tad obsessed with duck boots. So obsessed that I bid on like 8 pairs on eBay! (I also bid on 4 pairs of rainboots, Whoopsies!)

Now normally when I crazybid like that, its on something like an iPod and I put a maximum bid of like $40 so I get severely outbid and win nothing. Well apparently the value of pre-owned duckboots is lower than i thought. Except for the 1st pair, my max bid was $20.... So not only did I win the first overpriced fur-lined duck boots (interestingly enough, they are green! #dontjudgeme), I've since won a pair of construction-esque duck boots with a higher ankle, a pair of neon green rainboots, and a lovely pair of black/white patterned rainboots...
My shoe heart is jumping for joy, but my wallet's virtual pillow is wet with tears.... Sigh!
Thank God I lost 3 auctions already and I've been outbid on 3 more auctions. There are still 2 more auctions out there, and it looks like I'm the only bidder for another construction-esque pair of duckboots. So those will probably be mine too :-/ I'm almost at my max for these very nice leopard-print cowboy-styled rainboots.... Its bad, but I just increased my bid on those, bc I really want them now LOL.
I'm going to go stand in the corner, but if you're interested, I've posted pics of my wins, losses, and pendings on my tumblr. Enjoy!
Happy Cyber Monday everybody!!
-BlueLady a/k/a "Pittsburgh's Imelda Marcos"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flirting 101

I've always considered myself flirtatious... Not to a ridiculous extent but still I thought I was obvious...
Its come to my attention that apparently guys don't pick up on it. My girls will tease me, like wow you are flirting etc but then I'll find out that the guy was clueless

So, about a month ago, I was encouraged to reveal my attraction to my long-time crush.... yeah it didn't go so well and i probably ruined our friendship... oh well, his loss! Thought I would have blogged about it by now but honestly it was the most awkward convo I have ever had and I guess I wasn't sure how to put my feelings into words... I mean, part of me was relieved to finally tell him. Then part of me was angry bc he didn't react the way I thought he would. The other part of me was just surprised. I mean, how in the world did he NOT know that I've been half in love with him for years??? So, then I started to question his words ala maybe he's just trying to save my feelings by pretending that he was shocked.... but then I had to remember all the mixed signals he's been giving. So finally, like 2 days ago, it finally hit me that regardless of how he feels now or how he felt then, it doesn't matter. If he wanted me now, then he would act accordingly. And he hasn't acted at all so it is what it is. So, on that note, I got what I wanted. CLARITY!

Enough of the past, let's get on to the present. I definitely had some recent interactions with a couple of men that I considered flirtatious. I feel like the moment i decide i'm interested in somebody, the flirting pheromones just start oozing out of my pores. Today, somebody gave me reason to think they're interested. I hadn't been thinking that way but my eyeballs did some assessing. And before I knew it, I went into flirt mode! But the question remains, can he even tell?

I need a class in this mess. Any schools offer Flirting 101 or Male Communication for Beginners? How about Advanced Mixed Signals?

LOL Until later,

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trifling or Frugal....?

So if you read my previous post, you know that I had an amazing thrifting experience that turned into a nightmare. 6 pairs of shoes, 2 of which (so far) have turned out to be duds.

Shoes that were stripped to the gray meat and repainted to look amazing! The thriftstore says they're not at fault and I believe them (for now). So then that leaves me to ponder... Who did this?

What big-footed women would do something like this? Every 10-Club member knows that it is hard to find shoes in our size and when we find them, winner takes all.

So, one of two things:
1. My fellow 10-Club member was trying to sell these shoes so spruced them up so she could get a good price. Maybe the sales fell through so she donated them to the thrift store...
2. My fellow 10-Club member decided to spruce up her shoe collection for her own benefit. But here's the thing, this paint is falling apart within the first 30 minutes of wear. Was she painting her shoes all day? I doubt it! 

I'm the first to admit that I am hard on shoes. My driving foot consistenly has a dark spot on the side of the heel area due to the black floor rugs in my car. I try to monitor it, but after some days of wear and tear, I get those ugly marks. But after one 40 minute drive to work???? That's not wear and tear, that's a mess.

That being said, people, let's not do this to each other anymore okay? Keep your raggedy stuff to yourself. Don't try to buff and polish it on the outside when its jacked up underneath! (mmm, that sounds like a word! Should I ever be called upon to preach, trust that it will be chock full of shoe analogies! LOL)

What was I saying?
Oh yeah...


These shoes are not for wearing....

Let me just start by saying, I don't normally buy thrift store shoes...
One store in particular  normally makes me very happy and I can normally find decent things to wear, but I usually find that thrift store shoes are scuffed to death, run over, looking a hot mess so I don't buy them.

What a surprise that when I walked in to find a new-to-me coat, I encountered a $10 Big Bag Sale! I happily ran around the store scooping up shirts and pieces of fabric. I took a look at the shoe racks, not expecting to find anything....

To my surprise, there were shoes galore in MY size in wonderful condition.  I should have known then it was too good to be true....

I promptly bought 6 pairs of shoes - 3 pairs of heels (chocolate, navy blue, navy blue), 1 pair of loafers (black ala snakeskin), 1 pair of wedge sandals (also black), and a weird pair of brown brogans with good tread. I was so excited about my finds, I tweeted about them, I facebooked about them, and even told my mama.

I proudly wore my shoes to work on November 1st (the chocolate reverse v-tip pumps). Got compliments on them all day. Left work and happened to look down.... the paint was buckled and started to rub off. I had to let the world know I had been thrift-swindled! How dare they?!?!
I went home and inspected the 5 other pairs, ran my finger over them looking for another bad paint job. The shoes passed my sight and touch test......

The next morning, I wore black bow-tie flats that were not thrifted so no issues there.

Today, I walk confidently out of my house in the navy pumps with the silver accents, looking good!
Walking into the office, nervous, I checked the side of my shoe... Lo, and behold, the paint is rubbed off on my driving foot. 
So the tweeting and facebooking begun. I'm so mad I had to post this blog entry!

I start writing this post, then decide to be a true information-gatherer. No need to get sued for libel. I decide to call the thrift store and ask them what's going on. I explained my story and the lady kindly told me, all we do is tag them and put them on the shelf. Then she nicely reminded me that all sales are final. Mmm ok, thanks, but I didn't ask you  for a refund of my $1 shoes!
I might be frugal, but I ain't cheap!
This was never about the money I spent, this was about principle.
Had they admitted that it was their policy to "clean up" items to improve sales, it would have been on like popcorn. I was ready to shut them down. But since they didn't admit to it, and I can't prove it.... oshwell!

Anybody know a quality shoe-dyer?

Next entry: The 10-Club member who donated her dyed shoes....