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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


All week I've been in a funk, unlike any other funk I've known before...
I mean, yeah its this week's hormones, but its also life. My family has been going thru a lot lately, especially sickness, then u add the snow, and my back and my knee, and my mom's car breaking down then the loss of my car key/remote. On top of that, u add the loud ticking of my biological clock. tick tock TICK tock TICK TOCK cuz my birthday is fast approaching! Then behind all the stress (and running my mom around), I got behind on my work so now when I should be relaxing at home, I've been catching up on work so Before I know it, I feel lonely and isolated, having briefer conversations with my friends b/c I'm too busy to have long ones. My DVR is filling up b/c watching my shows takes time and attention that I don't have. It may sound silly but I've even noticed that I only have time to do my own farm but don't have the time or energy to help my neighbors.

And before I know it, I've wrapped myself in a cocoon of loneliness and bad thoughts, longing for fulfillment of at least one of my personal goals... And the cycle continues...

But all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord! Thanks be to God, who is able to do more than I could ever think or imagine. Who in the instant it takes me to utter "Help me Jesus" has already begun to work his comforting Spirit within me, to remind me that I am His and despite the failings of man, He will always be there for me!
This deSTRESSion is only my reaction to the season of famine I'm in. But after famine, comes surplus. The night is darkest right before sunrise. And as Karen Clark-Sheard sings, I'm Coming Out! You're Coming Out! We're Coming Out! Coming Out of This Thing!

Right now, I'm reclaiming my optimism and sense of peace in my life! Its Mine! I'll continue this lenten fast from meat, recommitting myself to prayer time and hopefully soon, Bible time!

God's so awesome! Don't you agree?

Safe in His Arms,
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