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Thursday, October 1, 2009

#Shoutout to Good Parents

Yesterday, as I was thinking of clever things to tweet, I thought of an affirmation, "I am a beautiful black woman..." But before I could finish my thought, I was instantly transported back in time to a time when I was forced to recite my mom's poem that started with that same line. I remember, reciting it over and over again and her yelling at me to SLOW DOWN! 15 years later, I remember 80% of that poem. But all that reciting, slowing down, and enunciating prepared me for presentations in high school and college. It prepared me for testifying in court, as I'll be doing today. It prepared me for public speaking, in general!

Yesterday reminded me of how important parents are, especially those who make us do stuff that's for our own good. Parents that care do this and other things in the best interest of their children. They make decisions that take their kids' well being into account. And when they make mistakes, they accept the consequences and make changes.

You would think that being a caseworker, I only deal with bad parents. On the contrary, I actually deal with some good ones.
A parent who cusses out the school district for not addressing a child's educational deeds. A parent who refuses to let her teen come home because he's safer in a supervised placement. A parent who is letting a child be adopted because the parent is mature enough to recognize that the child's medical needs will be better met by the foster parents. They are all good parents in their own right and I applaud them!

So, shouts out to good parents. Your good decisions and parenting style WILL pay off. Even if its years later!

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P.S. I recited the poem to my mom this morning and she smiled... I'd recite it for y'all too, but I'm not sure if she copyrighted it ;-)
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