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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updating my status a/k/a Boo-loving on Jesus

I'm in the season of the SOBS
You know... The Sick Of Being Single Syndrome
Where I daydream about the you-know-whos
and cringe inwardly every time I read a status update
Blankety-blank is in a relationship...
Blankety-blank is engaged...
Blankety-blank is married...
Blankety-blank is pregnant...

and I'm happy for them :-)
but ultimately not-so-happy for me :-\

God is my rock and my shield, my comfort in the time of sorrow, the One whom I lift up mine eyes and my head and my hands and my heart

and I know He's got me in the palm of His hand, His beloved child who is special enough to be set apart.

And while I wait for the blessing that God has intended for me, I'll spend time with Him. I might be earthly single but I'm in a heavenly relationship and need to start acting like it.
I need to spend time with God everyday, tell Him about the things going on in my life. Even though He's omniscient about everything and everybody and already knows what I'm going to tell Him, I suspect He would just like to hear the sound of my voice.

Then before you know it, I'll be the one updating my status!