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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flirting 101

I've always considered myself flirtatious... Not to a ridiculous extent but still I thought I was obvious...
Its come to my attention that apparently guys don't pick up on it. My girls will tease me, like wow you are flirting etc but then I'll find out that the guy was clueless

So, about a month ago, I was encouraged to reveal my attraction to my long-time crush.... yeah it didn't go so well and i probably ruined our friendship... oh well, his loss! Thought I would have blogged about it by now but honestly it was the most awkward convo I have ever had and I guess I wasn't sure how to put my feelings into words... I mean, part of me was relieved to finally tell him. Then part of me was angry bc he didn't react the way I thought he would. The other part of me was just surprised. I mean, how in the world did he NOT know that I've been half in love with him for years??? So, then I started to question his words ala maybe he's just trying to save my feelings by pretending that he was shocked.... but then I had to remember all the mixed signals he's been giving. So finally, like 2 days ago, it finally hit me that regardless of how he feels now or how he felt then, it doesn't matter. If he wanted me now, then he would act accordingly. And he hasn't acted at all so it is what it is. So, on that note, I got what I wanted. CLARITY!

Enough of the past, let's get on to the present. I definitely had some recent interactions with a couple of men that I considered flirtatious. I feel like the moment i decide i'm interested in somebody, the flirting pheromones just start oozing out of my pores. Today, somebody gave me reason to think they're interested. I hadn't been thinking that way but my eyeballs did some assessing. And before I knew it, I went into flirt mode! But the question remains, can he even tell?

I need a class in this mess. Any schools offer Flirting 101 or Male Communication for Beginners? How about Advanced Mixed Signals?

LOL Until later,

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