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Monday, November 28, 2011

I think I had my #CyberMond​ay last Wednesday :-o


I've been a tad obsessed with duck boots. So obsessed that I bid on like 8 pairs on eBay! (I also bid on 4 pairs of rainboots, Whoopsies!)

Now normally when I crazybid like that, its on something like an iPod and I put a maximum bid of like $40 so I get severely outbid and win nothing. Well apparently the value of pre-owned duckboots is lower than i thought. Except for the 1st pair, my max bid was $20.... So not only did I win the first overpriced fur-lined duck boots (interestingly enough, they are green! #dontjudgeme), I've since won a pair of construction-esque duck boots with a higher ankle, a pair of neon green rainboots, and a lovely pair of black/white patterned rainboots...
My shoe heart is jumping for joy, but my wallet's virtual pillow is wet with tears.... Sigh!
Thank God I lost 3 auctions already and I've been outbid on 3 more auctions. There are still 2 more auctions out there, and it looks like I'm the only bidder for another construction-esque pair of duckboots. So those will probably be mine too :-/ I'm almost at my max for these very nice leopard-print cowboy-styled rainboots.... Its bad, but I just increased my bid on those, bc I really want them now LOL.
I'm going to go stand in the corner, but if you're interested, I've posted pics of my wins, losses, and pendings on my tumblr. Enjoy!
Happy Cyber Monday everybody!!
-BlueLady a/k/a "Pittsburgh's Imelda Marcos"

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