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Thursday, November 3, 2011

These shoes are not for wearing....

Let me just start by saying, I don't normally buy thrift store shoes...
One store in particular  normally makes me very happy and I can normally find decent things to wear, but I usually find that thrift store shoes are scuffed to death, run over, looking a hot mess so I don't buy them.

What a surprise that when I walked in to find a new-to-me coat, I encountered a $10 Big Bag Sale! I happily ran around the store scooping up shirts and pieces of fabric. I took a look at the shoe racks, not expecting to find anything....

To my surprise, there were shoes galore in MY size in wonderful condition.  I should have known then it was too good to be true....

I promptly bought 6 pairs of shoes - 3 pairs of heels (chocolate, navy blue, navy blue), 1 pair of loafers (black ala snakeskin), 1 pair of wedge sandals (also black), and a weird pair of brown brogans with good tread. I was so excited about my finds, I tweeted about them, I facebooked about them, and even told my mama.

I proudly wore my shoes to work on November 1st (the chocolate reverse v-tip pumps). Got compliments on them all day. Left work and happened to look down.... the paint was buckled and started to rub off. I had to let the world know I had been thrift-swindled! How dare they?!?!
I went home and inspected the 5 other pairs, ran my finger over them looking for another bad paint job. The shoes passed my sight and touch test......

The next morning, I wore black bow-tie flats that were not thrifted so no issues there.

Today, I walk confidently out of my house in the navy pumps with the silver accents, looking good!
Walking into the office, nervous, I checked the side of my shoe... Lo, and behold, the paint is rubbed off on my driving foot. 
So the tweeting and facebooking begun. I'm so mad I had to post this blog entry!

I start writing this post, then decide to be a true information-gatherer. No need to get sued for libel. I decide to call the thrift store and ask them what's going on. I explained my story and the lady kindly told me, all we do is tag them and put them on the shelf. Then she nicely reminded me that all sales are final. Mmm ok, thanks, but I didn't ask you  for a refund of my $1 shoes!
I might be frugal, but I ain't cheap!
This was never about the money I spent, this was about principle.
Had they admitted that it was their policy to "clean up" items to improve sales, it would have been on like popcorn. I was ready to shut them down. But since they didn't admit to it, and I can't prove it.... oshwell!

Anybody know a quality shoe-dyer?

Next entry: The 10-Club member who donated her dyed shoes....

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