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Monday, March 10, 2014

Eureka - Pt 1....

Have you ever woke up feeling some type of way?  Just irritated for no reason and you know that it has nothing to do with biology?

After I finished my post this morning and worked out, my mind started to rehash all of the stuff from this weekend that bothered me. Most of it was very minor but that didn't stop my brain from replaying all of it today...

Before you know it, I was out of my peaceful place and back in the thick of negativity. And while I wrestled with it, I realized the problem.

The problem is that I let other things, other people take top priority in my life and when those things disappointed me (as everything besides God will eventually do), I lost some of my joy. This wouldn't have happened if I had my priorities straight. God has to be first because He will never fail me.  He will uphold me and sustain me so that life's disappointments will not break me down.

Now I get it!
Thank you Lord for the revelation!


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