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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Somebody was supposed to be here...

This a.m. I am a bundle of emotions... I feel like I do when its that time. During "that time", I generally get into the rut of lonely & abandoned (I.e. nobody loves me, nobody cares, blah, blah, blah). So its weird to feel like this today. Clearly its not true, clearly I have wonderful friends who are always there for me. But today as I continue to sift thru the rest of mommy's mountain of stuff, I realize that I'm alone. Somebody was supposed to be here when Mommy left. Somebody was supposed to be here to fill the gap of losing her. And all I have is who I already had.

"I thought we had a deal!"

God already told us that He'll never put more us than we can bear. This is a lot but I will get through it!

So as I try to banish these feelings of self-pity, I cling to Jesus, the One who loves me the most. The one who I should be clamoring to get closer to, rather than some man!

Pray for me. You already know I'm praying for you!


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