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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dream Maryn is doing better than i thought...

So, since my mom transitioned to glory, I've kinda been in a holding pattern... waiting for the other shoe to drop. I've been coping so well, but I'm such an excellent coper (lol) that I thought I might be too good... just holding it in until I could let it go...

See the fam is still here, but expected to go home today. While I love my family, I am ready to have my house back to myself (even though its only mine for 4 more weeks...)

Anyway, in my dreams I tend to keep things as they were. E.g. -My home is usually the house I grew up in. So its been weird that I haven't dreamt that my mom was still alive. Until this morning, I hadn't dreamt anything about her at all! Again I thought this was just a delay of grief.

But guess what? This am, I dreamt about church and was trying to gather everyone in the hallway who supported us during this whole process. I was going to tap them on the shoulder and they would know to stand up so I could pray with them. It was kinda odd but the point is that Dream Maryn who likes to imagine the best in life knows Mommy is gone too.

I know that this process has barely begun, but hooray for coping, I guess!

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