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Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1 is complete

So I took a little nap and now i'm awake. Figured I might as well give a summary....

This morning, I blogged, read Daniel 10, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, had organic oatmeal and decaffeinated tea for breakfast.

Then I went to 1st Baptist of West Mifflin for my godson's dedication. The message was 'I ain't going to hell' or something like that. It was based on the passage in Luke where the rich man is in hell talking to Abraham in heaven and eventually asks him to help his brothers so they don't end up in hell too. It was pretty good. Then we did the dedication and the pastor had us pass the baby around the circle. Felt familiar... Maybe that's how Dr. Peters used to do it?

The caffeine-withdrawal headache started around 1130 am.

Then we went to Buca di Beppo and... I broke fast :-(
I tried to plan ahead by looking at their menu and was gonna order their apple pecan salad without the cheese etc. BUT when we got there, realized that bff Shae had already reordered our family style dinner. So either I would have had to pay out of pocket for my meal, with her already having paid for me, or just suck it up and try to make do. Uh yeah that didn't work either. From the italian bread on the table to the salads (dripping in cheese and dressing) to the main course (chicken parm and spaghetti w/ meat sauce) to the gorgeous cake (see pic), there wasn't a thing I could do. So I just asked for forgiveness and ate. I'm glad I went, got to spend time with prince jay's big sisters too - vaeh and asha-Lou.

When the eater's remorse kicked in, I stopped at giant eagle on my way home. Got my bread and hummus and natural popcorn. Tryna be well prepared for this week.

Got home, ate some baked natural chips and hummus (spinach artichoke! Yum!), and just relaxed. Trying to fight the headache (I had taken 3 Tylenol earlier), I had to take an excedrin. Fell asleep around 830. Had weird dream involving coworkers. We were a team but instead of being kids specialists, we were doing something else kind of odd. Don't remember what tho. Probably literally saving the world lol!

Woke up to the nanny theme song at 1130 and voila here we are. Spent some time tweeting, watching tv. Then decided to get up and do some organizing in the downstairs bathroom.

So all in all, a good day. Mmm, maybe I should grade myself on my areas.

Fasting - fasted 2 out of 3 meals - C
Bible Reading - read 1 chapter - D
Cleaning - 2 cleaning efforts - C
Blogging - blogged twice - A

Overall - C+

Night-night for now!
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