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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stranger Danger/ Being Humble 1/1/14

Blogging tonight while I wind down and get ready for bed…

So my last post was about fear and the post before that was about being humble. How apropos because tonight’s post is a marriage between both… at least, how they manifest themselves in my life.

Let’s backtrack shall we? Yesterday I cleaned my house and one of my besties came to visit me before I went to Watch Night. Watch Night, that I had been going back and forth about whether I was going or or not, but ultimately decided to press my way. Our visit went a little longer than expected, so I asked her to drop me in Forest Hills, because I thought I had probably missed the bus at Walmart. I made it to church early and had an awesome time in the Lord. After the usual post-church linger, me and some of my church fam went to Eat N Park on 65. I attempted to just get a ride downtown, but due to an “executive override” was driven all the way home (LOL). I went to bed around 4am and slept in until about 11. Got up and showered and went to brunch with another friend. Decided I was going to do a movie bonanza today on my last day of vacation, and got a ride to the movie theater. Saw 3 good movies (Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Anchorman 2, and Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom). Following the movies (circa 9:40pm) , I had a plan to walk to the Giant Eagle to pick up a couple of things then call a cab… This is where my plan went to hell in a hand basket. Here are the reasons why:

A.      Today is a holiday. Giant Eagle closed at 6pm…..
B.      Today is a holiday. Cabs are not readily available
6.    Today is a holiday and I’m going back to work tomorrow. I did not need eggs and ammonia tonight…

In hindsight, I should have just stayed at the movie theater and at least been sitting inside where it was warm. Ah, but no, I stood out in the cold for 40 minutes waiting for a cab to even respond to my trip.

During the 40 minutes, I went through stages of emotions. From resolve to denial to stupidity to acceptance. Early on in the 40 minutes, a couple came up to return their redbox and left, then did a u-turn and came back and asked if I needed a ride. Of course I told them no because I was waiting for a cab and I was fine… right? Wrong!  I have to say, this ride rejection was much less about pride and moreso being worried about safety.

Let me digress for a minute about stranger danger.  In general I am a naïve and trusting soul. I unknowingly put myself in situations all the time and I don’t worry about anything because God is with me. While waiting at a bus stop by myself late at night, or walking down my street, I’m fine because God is with me. But for some reason, accepting a ride from a total stranger is an automatic no. Same as picking up a hitchhiker. I don’t know, maybe the lessons I learned as a child about stranger danger actually stuck with me. It’s almost as if I think God will protect me from the dangers that I unknowingly put myself in, but that if I do knowingly put myself in the situation, his grace will disappear. I mean, these were people of a much-lighter complexion than me out in North Versailles and they did a u-turn for me!  Smh forgive me Lord for turning the ride down.  

Anyway, after I turned the ride down, and I called the cab company a 2nd time, and after running through the list of people I know that live out this way and who I was actually willing to bug at 10:40 at night, I finally gave up and just posted it on Facebook. And ta-da, I had a ride within 15 minutes. So simple, but I just had to be so stubborn. I started crying while I posted it because it was hard to do. Admitting I need help is like anathema to me. I hate it, period. But it’s something God is working out in me.  Y’know, when I asked God to show me my issues so I could see them and start working on them, this was the last thing I expected. To be constantly confronted with what’s left of my pride and my lack of humility is really hard. All I can do is just ask God for forgiveness for the sins of my flesh, especially this thing called pride, and help me to be more humble. Help me to trust in Him (and only Him!). Help me to have faith and to know that even when I knowingly put myself in potentially dangerous situations, His blood still covers me and that I won’t come to any hurt, harm, or danger.

Took a cold pill and the sleepy train is on the way.

Tonight’s video is “His Blood Still Works” by Vashawn Mitchell.  Enjoy and goodnight, on this the first night of 2014.


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  1. Love it Maryn! Writing is definitely one of your gifts!! I so look forward to your blog! His Blood Still Works! Continued Blessings!