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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday was day 3

Yesterday was day 3, I was just too tired to blog about it. The day went fairly well, I was just not feeling well. The menses and all... Sigh. NTway, yeah can't say I did anything yesterday except for stay on the fast. (Summary - A for fasting, F on all other areas. So a big ole D for my average)
For breakfast, I had applesauce and these multi-grain sliders with almond butter. Then for lunch, we went to Panera and I had a half mediterraean veggie sandwich (no feta) and a half classic salad with balsamic. By the time work was over, I was done! With the whole day. All I wanted to do was get home and get in the bed. Which I pretty much did, except went to try Nicky's Thai kitchen since they're vegan friendly. Pretty tasty! I had a veggie sweet&sour entree. So it was rice, veggies, and just Yummy! I fell asleep around 930. Tried to go before that but I couldn't get comfortable.
But hold on a minute, forgot to mention the bright spot of the day! So one of my high school friends (who grew up to be my naturopathic doctor) was diagnosed with a brain tumor and his surgery happened yesterday. All reports indicated that it went well. Hallelujah!
So despite all the not so good things that happened yesterday in my life, something wonderful happened somewhere else. I think that has to be our attitude with the devastation in Japan too. Something terrible happened and could get worse, but to quote 2 divas, "There can be miracles when you believe...." and there are survival stories that are just mind blowing. God's still on the throne and is worthy to be praised!
A to the Men!
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