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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye 2010 - Test God for 26

Bye 2010!

If I had to sum up this year in six-word-increments, here's what it would look like:

Mommy's surviving cancer, God is GOOD!

Still single, but I'll be okay.

Caseworkers hate KIDS(TM), but not children!

Yup, that's 2010 in a nutshell for me....

I feel like I'm at a crossroads though. Been feeling antsy and restless b/c something's about to happen. Darned if I know what....

I can't even decide how I want to bring in 2011. I wanted to have a small party, but that didn't pan out. Normally, I go to church. This year, I'm not feeling it. Don't get me wrong, God deserves every bit of my praise! 'Cause he's been amazing and awesome! But something about ringing in 2011 in the A-V booth again is just a tad depressing. The last time I celebrated NYE with a boo was... 2006/2007 (I think... Yikes).
I've had some dalliances since then but none have spanned the new year.

Not sure if I even want a relationship. The whole dating, trusting, loving thing gets dicey.

"Somebody almost walked off wit alia my stuff...." But left somebody else's baggage behind. Because I used to not have baggage, not me, the naïve gullible trusting one.

I kinda wish I could meet "him" and be like "Hi. I'm Maryn. God said I'm supposed to marry you." And he says, "Yup". And then we just get married, with vows that we agree to stand by. Sounds easy to me! Lol! If only things could be that simple...

I guess I'm just ready for a new direction...

Well, enough of that, I've got one resolution so far and its the utmost:

Test God for 26: I've never tithed my gross before. So this year I'm gonna do it, every pay period!

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