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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blogging My Way Through March - Day 2 - 3/2/14

So my awesome friend Penda (check out her blog at Girl, Pray For Me) invited me to do the 31-day blogging challenge with her. Me, being too busy as usual, totally forgot about it until early this morning after midnight. I didn't even register for the website that is hosting the challenge... smh! Pray for me

So to make up for it, here's the post I wrote this morning while preparing to go to church...
Then I'll post another one tonight as soon as I write it! 
All kinds of exhausted and I’m entering the busy time of the year…
As the snow starts to fade away (current forecast aside), everything picks back up. In church, for example, Lent Season is almost upon us and the task of giving up something or a whole lot of things will certainly be presented today. At work, we’re training new hires and old hires (LOL) . In my sorority, well, let’s just say that springtime is a really fun time for an advisor….

I’m so thankful for this car that will allow me to get where I need to get and do what I need to do.

As God continues to show me His way, I’m praying that my grad school discipline will be revealed.... 

Until Later,

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