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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Words that start with C

So it kinda crept up on us... Mommy had some gastro issues that wouldn't go away. they did a scan, turns out there was a growth on her pancreas, nestled in between all kinds of veins and arteries, cutting off one of the bile ducts in her liver (i THINK that's what they said...). biopsy said Cancer. that opinion was seconded and thirded...
so, here we sit, awaiting the 1st dose of chemotherapy. And i have to face the reality that my relatively healthy and energetic mom with a diagnosis, who because of the strength and toxicity of chemo drugs, is going to transform into a sickly person who lacks energy, appetite, etc...
its funny, tho, we (my mom and me) are the optimistic side of our family unit. we're in here smiling because God is good and He hasn't brought us this far to leave us. Hallelujah Anyhow!

And in other news, i saw "just wright" on sunday and i aint been "wright" ever since! lol! lonnie "Common" lynn and his fine self jacked me up forreal... got me paying attention to folks i aint never paid attention to! then out of the CLEAR BLUE SKY, i get a call from a "blast from the past". y'all, i got off the phone and started hyperventilating. hot mess!
well, its bout to be summer, maybe MY new season is coming to :-)

pray for me and my mommy too!
(and the pessimists who are worrying us half to death!)

in God's arms,
<3 Be Inspired <3

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