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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Twitterverse

Today was an emotional rollercoaster of a day as you can tell by my updates...
But a bright spot happened while I was waiting for my food in a local pizza shop. SportsCenter was on and as I listened, I realized that I actually KNEW what they were talking about. Thanks to my Sports tweeple, I knew all about the LeBron dunking pseudo-scandal and Nike's cover-up. Now I may not be clear about who dunked on who, but I still knew about it. It made me realize that I'm exposed to a wide array of information that may have bypassed me in the real world. In my twitterverse, I follow a variety of people and I learn thru them. Even though I may never fit in with these groups in person, on Twitter, I'm included in the conversation.
I've already told u about the sports guys, who have been tweeting about a b-ball street game, and steve mcnair. I've got my greeks on here, cutting up (Shouts out to my dovely tworors holding it down!) And my music heads on here take it back, sharing their songs with all of us. We've got my bloggers who keep life interesting and the black activists who are trying to mobilize us all. I've got friends who are politicians and friends who are part of the GLBT community. I've got friends in the states, and friends around the world. Finally, there's the smallest group, the people I know in real life. Twitter brings us all together.
I can't forget the celebrities! Those that are real and genuine (Donnie Wahlberg is surprisingly inspirational_ and those who I can't tell if its really them... (Will the real Jennifer Hudson stand up??) Then there are those who are obviously lying (Steve Harvey-wannabe, if u were a real fan, u would know that Steve is a techno-phobe and if he managed to get a twitter, he wouldn't tweet as often as you!)
Some of the celebrities are so real, that u feel like u know them (Somebody check on BowWow. He's really unhappy) and other celebs I've had to unfollow b/c their frequent tweets about certain stuff was getting on my nerves! (Cause WizKhalifah, I really don't wanna know how often ur getting high. TMI!)

The point is, my friend Crystal says, "Twitter is what you make of it." You can shape your twitterverse however you want.

Thanks to all my friends who are educating me about all the different pieces of our world. We may not always agree, but know that you are loved. Bear with me in my rookie status!

Shouts to my followers. Tweet me if u really wanna be my friend. Spammers need not apply!

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  1. perspective expanded after reading this. Great post! very insightful. I pray God's peace be with you during your recent ordeal.